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A very large range of mostly original clothing from this distinctive era. Hot pants, flares; stacked shoes; trouser suits; hippy kaftans; kipper ties; etc etc are all amongst the favourites from this period. Dont forget characters like Starsky and Hutch; Tina Turner etc etc. 1 2 3 4 5
1970's, Tina Turner,
1970's, casual wear, afro,
1970's, Abba, group,
frankenfurter, rocky horror, 1970's,
1970's, couple, costume, period, hire,
1970's, starsky and Hutch, Huggy Bear, pimp, costume, period, tv, hire,
1970's, rocky horror. glam rock, drag, costume, period, funstuff, hire,
1970's, village people, costume, period, group, hire,
star treck, 1970's, starship enterprise, spaceage, costume, hire,