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The popular american prohibition era. We offer a large selection of characters such as different types of gangstres and their molls, policeman and feds and charcters such as Elliot Ness from the "Untouchables" We also provide the English scene with the squires and landowners from this period and their servants. Also a very good range of evening wear can be offered to include all necessary accessories. We also provide costumes for events such as a trip on the Orient Express, Classic Car rallies, Murder mysteries etc. etc. 1 2 3 4 5 6
1920's, boater, flapper, blazer, evening dress,
1920's, dress, flapper, daywear
1920's, suit, dress,
daywear, 1920's, daywear,
aviator, flying, pilot, funstuff, amie johnson,
gangster and moll, 1920's, couple,
gangster. 1920's, mob, mafia. prohibition